Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I see London, I see France.......

It was a traumatic day today for many reasons. As we head into the 2 1/2 weeks before vacation, everyone is wound up, emotional and out of their minds. I try to keep things as normal as possible and in a regular routine. Then, I have conversations like this one that literally had me sitting down, laughing so hard I was crying.
Just before lunch, M comes up to me:

M:   Mrs. Lewis? I have a hole in my pants.
Mrs.Lewis.:   Let me see.
M: (holding his shirt down over the back of his pants)No.
Mrs.L.:   You need to let me see it so I can see if I have pins.
M:   No.
Mrs.L.:   OK, when we go to lunch, you can go to the nurse and see if she has extra pants or pins for the hole.
(We go up to lunch and I take him to the nurse's office)
Nurse:  M , Let me see the hole
M:   No.
Nurse:  Well, how big is the hole?
(M indicates a hole about 2 - 2 1/2 inches across)
I don't think I have anything that will help that, but let me see it.
M: No.

(Mrs. Lewis, looks at M's panic-stricken face and with a realization breaking over her, leans down)

Mrs.L.:   M, are you wearing underwear?
M: No.
M: I forgot.
Mrs. L:   Forgot?
M: Yeah. I got dressed really fast this morning and I guess I just forgot.
Nurse: You FORGOT? You CANNOT come to school commando! You MUST HAVE UNDERWEAR!

It was at this point, seeing the simultaneous looks of horror on the nurse's face and on M's face that I collapsed into the chair, laughing and gasping. Luckily, so did everyone else. So we got a rope, pulled up his pants and secured them, and he kept his shirt pulled down the rest of the day.
12 more days.

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  1. Costumers and directors have tales of young actors "forgetting" their underwear, going onstage and well, there is London and France.