Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hidden Gems

Even though I currently reside in "Gods Waiting Room", one of the cool things about being able to visit and stay with my parents in NY is how you find these very unexpected things. While recently at the NY Historical Society, my parents and I decided to go have dinner at this Greek restaurant in Queens recommended by my mother's dentist. (I really don't get that either but....anyway) She found the name and using my lightening fast (in comparison with said parents) techno skills on my phone, found the address. Using further techno skills with the GPS, we found our way to Astoria, where we gorged ourselves on excellent Greek food and I had the BEST fish ever. I don't know how they do it, but they got it crispy on the outside, moist inside, and with nothing but olive oil and lemon. It must be in their blood. turns out that this place is at the edge of Astoria Park. And you can walk on these incredibly well-lit paths all along the east river and under the Triboro bridge. Which is where this picture that I took can be found. Never knew!!!!! The super-awesome thing about this park is that it is HUGE!!!!!!! It winds super far along the river edge and there were families out, a Mr. Softee truck, people in their cars listening to the radio, it was very, very cool. I totally want to go back, but you know it will never be quite the same as the first time. If you live near the area, take a subway, ride your bike and go. Maybe you can make photos as pretty as mine!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You, Dawn Cole

I was thinking the other day how much I hate those STUPID facebook quizzes, and how I hate the people who take them all the time. (Yes, I take some of them, but not every day and I don't publish every result. Geez, people!) I was going to say something about it. I don't need to. This says it best. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every year, my college girlfriends and I try to get together. We met almost 15 years ago, and it is NOT easy. One year, someone went to Chili. (Sarah!) (Not Chili's, the restaurant, CHILI the COUNTRY). Another year, it was an impromptu get-together in NYC and not everyone could be there. Then we had our 10 year college reunion and I could not be there because of school. We realized the last time we had been together as a group was my wedding nearly 3 years ago, and really, I was a little distracted. Doesn't count. Finally, finally we managed 36 hours together this weekend.

Since the last time we did this, there have been weddings, babies, break-ups, psudo-break-ups, religion changes, housing changes, partner changes. There have been new cars, new houses, new cities and lots of news in general. We now have, between us, 5 undergraduate degrees, 3 Masters, 1 law degree, a graduate of the Swedish Institute and 2 PhD's. But the thing that I find most amazing is that even though I don't see these women all that often, or speak to them on a regular basis, I can still pick up the phone and say, without even pausing, "Danielle, put Nora on the G**amn phone because she has the f#!*ing thing off and I told her to keep it on because I am lost" and it she does. Without questions, hassle or harassment. We have been separated over the years through many miles  and though days, months and years might go by, I know any one of them would open a vein for me and fly wherever I was if I needed them.

This weekend, we laughed, we ate, we interrupted each other, talked over each other and yelled. We were distracted by babies and phones and husbands who called, and it was totally exhausting, but totally worth it. I hope we are still doing this 15 years from now. I love this picture because it shows us as we are most of the time when we are together, and it's how I will always picture us. To us!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm a Major Minor

Tonight I went to a Long Island Ducks baseball game. IT WAS GREAT! I L.O.V.E. minor league baseball. The tickets are cheap, the stadiums are usually pretty small so you can see what is going on, you can get tickets less than a week a head of time and if it's not a Friday or Saturday night, you can usually walk up to the box office for tickets under $10 each. The stadiums are really family-friendly, and you can get the kids hot dogs, sodas and pretzels for less than the first year of college tuition. There are stupid but funny games between innings (Michael loves the "Dizzy Bat Race), and everyone is usually having a great time. There are no screaming fans, no one yelling profanities in your ear, and no one spilling beer all over you (most of the time). We have been going to minor league games for years, and although the Ducks are not in the MLB minor league, they are still interesting. I am not a huge baseball fan. In fact, I am not a huge sports fan, but I like going to live events because I like the atmosphere. Half the time, I have no idea what is going on, but I have a good time anyway. Use the title link above to find a minor league team in your area. Then GO! Unless you require your baseball experiences to cost more than your car payment, and you insist on sitting in a tiny seat wayyyyyy up high, you will love this. Now, a major league game can be fun, and it is great to see the stadiums, but for a regular evening out, you cannot beat minor league baseball. Trust me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I know, I know.........'s been a few...well... months! since I posted, and to tell the truth, there has been so much going on that I really did forget that this even existed for a while! However, my husband has decided to begin his own little blog aftger being the "guest blogger" on his friend Jeff's site:

After helping Michael set up his stuff, I realized I had been neglectful, and a bad, bad, bad blog mother. I would forget, and then it seems like it would be such a long post to catch up, so I never did. And then I would get mad at myself. (and also get mad at the other people I read who don't post all the time. Am I allowed to do that? no. Thought not. ) So I am making a pledge, to be a better, more faithful blogger. I cannot possibly post every day, but maybe 3 times a week. Baby steps, people.