Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drum roll....... please.

When I walked into my classroom last Tuesday, it looked like this:

a sad, sorry mess. The first thing I did was try to move a bookcase. And it collapsed and broke. Then I reached into my desk, only to discover (15 minutes later) that a blue ink pad had been set in it's side and slowly dripped all summer. On to plastic. So it never dried. But that was the 15 minutes later when I looked at my hands, discovered they were blue but had touched other things, including my pants. My hands are still blue. After 3 and a half days, various meetings, glue, tape, scissors, staples, duct tape, standing on chairs, cleaning everything in sight and the help of a wonderful custodian who is my serious new best friend, it looks like this:

The saddest part of all this is that I wanted to take pictures, because my room will never, ever be this sparkling, shiny, glossy or clean ever again. Notice how the floor literally shines. Friends, it is a thing of beauty. I lay on the floor today just because it was clean. It will never be this good again.

Anyway, while laying on the floor I realized that I have worked solidly. So hard for 3 days. So tired and literally aching, but despite it all, I am ready for "Meet the Teacher" morning tomorrow. (Which is really stupid, btw. Did you ever "Meet the Teacher"? No. You showed up the first day, met her and your parents went to "Back To School" night. I vote we go old school.) Now, here is the kicker. Although the room is physically ready, I realized in a true state of total panic that have made no plans at all. None. No homework, no math, no social studies, no science. NOTHING. Usually I can skate by the first few days with test/procedures/etc, but we don't have that this year. So in my panic induced state I ran to my computer and started furiously ordering spelling, grammar, math, science..... however...... when I tried to actually place the order ( we have the weird system where you send your pdf's to a central "copy center" and they send it back to you at school) my computer would not let me! AAARRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be a very interesting year.

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  1. Welcome back to the 2009-2019 school year. And bty, there were some teachers I certainly did not have to meet until the first day of school!