Monday, August 24, 2009

We now return to our regularly scheduled program

Well, friends we have arrived.
The first day of school. Always interesting. 19 kids, 9 boys and 10 girls, which is a nice change because I am always boy-heavy. I collected them from the court, brought them to the door and told them where to go and what to do. We spent 20 minutes putting our school supplies away and then went to music. We came back, and to be honest with you, I have no idea what we did for the next 2 hours. But we were busy, we were sharing, we were motivated to fill out our "All about Me" paper. No one cried, no one yelled, and one of the kids (now known as Bug-Catcher- you will see why soon) was able to identify Vivaldi's Four Season's as it played. I have hope. Maybe.
We went to lunch, we came back and as I was getting ready to pass out folders a HUGE cockroach crawled out of the folders. I mean big. This thing was a good 3 inches long! THAT WAS JUST IT'S BODY! I do not do well with bugs, and these suckers make my skin crawl. Of course, I did not see the cockroach until one of the kids...very quietly.... said "Mrs. Lewis, there is a giant cockroach on the folders" I screamed and threw them down while at the same time managing to fly across the room. It was at that moment that Bug-Catcher said "I'll get it!" He valiantly ran up, squished it and as we all watched he lifted it up by it's antennae and said "Bye-bye cucaracha!" and threw it out the door. Today, he is my hero. And the Bug Catcher for the rest of the year!


  1. I love the bye-bye-cucaracha kids!! What would we ever do without them??
    I am so impressed at the pictures of your shiny clean classroom, but even so... I'm SHOCKED that you felt it appropriate to lay down on the floor.
    :) eew.

  2. I had to. I had to revel in a moment that would never come again. I had to know what that floor was like when it was pristine. I had to let it know that even though it was going to be abused, even though it would never be this pretty again, we loved it. Too much?