Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hidden Gems

Even though I currently reside in "Gods Waiting Room", one of the cool things about being able to visit and stay with my parents in NY is how you find these very unexpected things. While recently at the NY Historical Society, my parents and I decided to go have dinner at this Greek restaurant in Queens recommended by my mother's dentist. (I really don't get that either but....anyway) She found the name and using my lightening fast (in comparison with said parents) techno skills on my phone, found the address. Using further techno skills with the GPS, we found our way to Astoria, where we gorged ourselves on excellent Greek food and I had the BEST fish ever. I don't know how they do it, but they got it crispy on the outside, moist inside, and with nothing but olive oil and lemon. It must be in their blood. turns out that this place is at the edge of Astoria Park. And you can walk on these incredibly well-lit paths all along the east river and under the Triboro bridge. Which is where this picture that I took can be found. Never knew!!!!! The super-awesome thing about this park is that it is HUGE!!!!!!! It winds super far along the river edge and there were families out, a Mr. Softee truck, people in their cars listening to the radio, it was very, very cool. I totally want to go back, but you know it will never be quite the same as the first time. If you live near the area, take a subway, ride your bike and go. Maybe you can make photos as pretty as mine!

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