Saturday, July 11, 2009

I know, I know.........'s been a few...well... months! since I posted, and to tell the truth, there has been so much going on that I really did forget that this even existed for a while! However, my husband has decided to begin his own little blog aftger being the "guest blogger" on his friend Jeff's site:

After helping Michael set up his stuff, I realized I had been neglectful, and a bad, bad, bad blog mother. I would forget, and then it seems like it would be such a long post to catch up, so I never did. And then I would get mad at myself. (and also get mad at the other people I read who don't post all the time. Am I allowed to do that? no. Thought not. ) So I am making a pledge, to be a better, more faithful blogger. I cannot possibly post every day, but maybe 3 times a week. Baby steps, people.


  1. about friggin time! I hope I'm posting enough to satisfy your fix of the "the Pooper" and "chunk".

  2. Yes, but where are the promised "birthday pics" o hauler of dirt and rock? You post those pictures, but not the party? Nice.