Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every year, my college girlfriends and I try to get together. We met almost 15 years ago, and it is NOT easy. One year, someone went to Chili. (Sarah!) (Not Chili's, the restaurant, CHILI the COUNTRY). Another year, it was an impromptu get-together in NYC and not everyone could be there. Then we had our 10 year college reunion and I could not be there because of school. We realized the last time we had been together as a group was my wedding nearly 3 years ago, and really, I was a little distracted. Doesn't count. Finally, finally we managed 36 hours together this weekend.

Since the last time we did this, there have been weddings, babies, break-ups, psudo-break-ups, religion changes, housing changes, partner changes. There have been new cars, new houses, new cities and lots of news in general. We now have, between us, 5 undergraduate degrees, 3 Masters, 1 law degree, a graduate of the Swedish Institute and 2 PhD's. But the thing that I find most amazing is that even though I don't see these women all that often, or speak to them on a regular basis, I can still pick up the phone and say, without even pausing, "Danielle, put Nora on the G**amn phone because she has the f#!*ing thing off and I told her to keep it on because I am lost" and it she does. Without questions, hassle or harassment. We have been separated over the years through many miles  and though days, months and years might go by, I know any one of them would open a vein for me and fly wherever I was if I needed them.

This weekend, we laughed, we ate, we interrupted each other, talked over each other and yelled. We were distracted by babies and phones and husbands who called, and it was totally exhausting, but totally worth it. I hope we are still doing this 15 years from now. I love this picture because it shows us as we are most of the time when we are together, and it's how I will always picture us. To us!

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